AWT Operator Certification Program Development Timeline

Tasks Completed

✔ AWT Operator Certification Committee formed
✔ Group of Subject Matter Experts identified and interviewed
✔ Job analysis completed
✔ KSAs finished for grades 3-5
✔ Minimum qualifications developed for grades 3-5
✔ Market research/forecasts written
✔ Business plan/budgets outlined
✔ CA-NV AWWA & CWEA Memorandum of Agreement signed
✔ Selected Dainis and Company as our exam development consultant
✔ Interview Subject Matter Experts (SME)
✔ Engage SMEs with item writing (exam questions)
✔ Creation of SME extraction document of all interviews
✔ Review Items
✔ Rate items based upon minimally competent operator answering correctly
✔ Determine passing score
✔ Create exam form (Grade 3)
✔ Create exam form (Grade 4)
✔ Create exam form (Grade 5)

Tasks Ahead

⦾ Develop candidate handbook
⦾ Sign contract with computerized based testing provider
⦾ Deliver first exams spring 2019

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