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CWEA is proud to launch OWEN, our new online learning service. The Online Wastewater Education Network (OWEN) allows you to watch wastewater classes anywhere and at any time.

The platform contains AWT classes you might be interested in to help expand your knowledge. Please note, there is not one single class that can help prepare for a certification exam. AWT work experience and several reference items are necessary to prepare for an exam.

Advanced Water Treatment – Advanced Membrane Bioreactors
This class is 2 hours. Membrane treatment is now a fundamental component of  water reuse schemes. Low pressure micro and ultrafiltration (MF/UF) membranes are widely used as part of reuse schemes to filter secondary or tertiary effluent directly, or are submerged in activated sludge in membrane bioreactors (MBRs) to replace clarification. High pressure reverse osmosis (RO) membranes are used  to remove salt and act as a broad spectrum barrier to chemicals of concern. MF/UF membranes, MBRs and RO.
Presenter: Dr. Amos Branch, Water Reuse Technologist, Carollo Engineers

Advanced Water Treatment – Ozone, Carbon, and UV Technologies
This two-hour presentation focuses upon the innovative use of Carbon Based Advanced Treatment (CBAT) and details four AWTO Training modules on ozone, biologically active carbon, granular activated carbon, and ultraviolet light (with and without advanced oxidation).
Presenter: Andy Salveson, Water Reuse Practice Director, Carollo

Advancing Towards Direct Potable Reuse (DPR) in California: Implications for the Wastewater Sector
CWEA’s Santa Ana River Basin Section Professional Development Committee (PDC) presents an online webinar on California’s DPR Framework for regulation of potable reuse projects, highlighting the implications for the wastewater sector. In addition to sharing the background for the DPR Framework and the State’s perspective on DPR, the training will provide an overview of the latest potable reuse updates including the recent Addendum to the Framework, advanced water treatment operator (AWTO) certification requirements, and impacts of the ongoing drought on timelines. Practical insights will be shared on implementation of DPR, along with lessons learned from the experience in El Paso, TX at the first “direct-to-distribution” DPR facility in the US.
Hosted by: Nathan Chase, SARBS Leader, Project Leader, Brown & Caldwell