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UV Disinfection & AOP Technology

Sept 15
CA-NV AWWA Webinar (fee)

UV disinfection is a very powerful defense against cryptosporidium and giardia.  This webinar looks at the advantages of UV, how UV works, and problems and issues.  UV systems can be setup with an oxidant, and it will create an Advance Oxidation Process (AOP).
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Advanced Water Treatment

Oct 18-19
CA-NV AWWA Webinar (fee)

This webinar will look at the advantages and disadvantages of alternative disinfectants such as ozone, chloride dioxide and UV disinfection.  It will also discuss alternative disinfectants in terms of usage, operation and maintenance. Register >

Advanced Water Treatment: Track A

Nov 16
CA-NV AWWA Webinar (fee)

This is one in a series of four separate webinars that will discuss various Advanced Water Treatment topics.  This webinar will cover the following: Water Sources; Membrane Technology; Ion Exchange; IPR Log Removal Credit; and more.

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On Demand Classes

AWTO Certification Program Overview

Free recording

A brief look at the reasons the AWTO certification was created and the process to become certified.

Advanced Membrane Bioreactors Class

OWEN On Demand (fee)

This class is 2 hours. Membrane treatment is now a fundamental component of  water reuse schemes. Low pressure micro and ultrafiltration (MF/UF) membranes are widely used as part of reuse schemes. High pressure reverse osmosis (RO) membranes are used  to remove salt and act as a broad spectrum barrier to chemicals of concern. MF/UF membranes, MBRs and RO.
Dr. Amos Branch, Water Reuse Technologist, Carollo Engineers

Ozone, Carbon, and UV Technologies

OWEN On Demand (fee)

This two-hour presentation focuses upon the innovative use of Carbon Based Advanced Treatment (CBAT) and details four AWTO Training modules on ozone, biologically active carbon, granular activated carbon, and ultraviolet light (with and without advanced oxidation).
Presenter: Andy Salveson, Water Reuse Practice Director, Carollo
(UV photo by Paul Cockrell)