San Diego County Water Authority Honored as Champions for Advanced Water Treatment

During a special awards presentation at the November 16 San Diego County Water Authority Board meeting, CWEA President Chuck Greely, and CA-NV AWWA Executive Director Sue Mosburg honored SDCWA as one of the original champions for the Advanced Water Treatment Operator™ certification program. Support from their agency and team members in 2018-2019 directly led to this successful program.

Comments by Chuck Greely, CWEA President

Today we are honoring San Diego County Water Authority’s Board of Directors leadership and support of advanced treatment. Your involvement at the very beginning of the Advanced Water Treatment Operator Certification program has allowed CWEA and Cal-Nevada AWWA to train and certify hundreds of California’s best operators, ensuring they have the knowledge and skills to produce the cleanest water possible.

Comments by Sue Mosburg, Executive Director, CA-NV AWWA

California-Nevada AWWA and CWEA followed in your footsteps of bringing the best and brightest together from the water and wastewater profession, regulatory community, academics, and experts in professional certification to develop the nation’s first Advanced Water Treatment Operator certification.

Thank you for all that you’ve done for California and for the advanced water treatment community. Here are just a few reasons why San Diego County Water Authority deserves this prestigious Advanced Water Treatment Champion award…

  1. Recognizing and honoring SDCWA Board’s visionary leadership and support for water reuse.
  2. SDCWA was one of the original funders for the AWTO cert program.
  3. SDCWA staff, including Toby Roy and others, dedicated their time to setting up and managing the program. Toby chaired one of the early formation work groups.
  4. SDCWA provided meeting space.
  5. You’re help raising the profile of AWT operators among elected officials and the public.
  6. Highlighting the important role AWT Operators play in achieving the one water vision.
  7. Spreading the word and promoting the AWTO program to help it grow to the necessary level of operators.
  8. Supporting positive steps towards developing the water workforce of the future.

SDCWA Member Agencies with AWT certified Operators

  • City of Escondido
  • City of Oceanside
  • City of San Diego
  • Fallbrook Public Utility District
  • Helix Water District
  • Padre Dam Municipal Water District